Prof. Dr. Henrik R. Larsson

Prof. Dr. Henrik R. Larsson

Assistant Professor

University of California, Merced

Henrik Larsson is an Assistant Professor of Theoretical Chemistry at University of California, Merced. His research focuses on developing and utilizing tools for simulating and understanding quantum effects in molecular systems. He is interested in both structural and dynamical properties of molecules. His recent applications range from understanding entangled vibrational motion in floppy, protonated water clusters and using strong laser fields to control the motion of electrons to predicting complex bonding situations in strongly correlated transition-metal clusters.

Henrik studied Chemistry at Kiel University (Germany) and at Lund University (Sweden). He obtained his M.Sc. with a thesis in Theoretical Physics in the group of Michael Bonitz (Kiel). In 2018, he received his doctorate in Theoretical Chemistry in the groups of Bernd Hartke (Kiel) and David Tannor ( Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel) for work on control of electron dynamics and dynamical pruning for molecular quantum dynamics. Afterwards, he joined the as group of Prof. Garnet K.-L. Chan at CalTech as Postdoctoral Scholar to work on applying tensor network states to strongly correlated systems.


  • Theoretical Chemistry
  • Electronic Structure Theory
  • Molecular Quantum Dynamics
  • Electron Dynamics
  • Tensor Network Methods
  • Quantum Control Theory


  • PhD in Theoretical Chemistry, with distinction, 2018

    Kiel University, Weizmann Institute of Science

  • MSc in Chemistry, best student of the year, 2014

    Kiel University

  • BSc in Chemistry, best student of the year, 2012

    Kiel University