2500 vibronic eigenstates of the NO3 radical


The nitrate radical NO3 plays an important role in atmospheric chemistry, yet many aspects of its coupled and anharmonic vibronic structure remain elusive. Here, using an accurate, coupled full-dimensional diabatic potential that includes five electronic states, we revisit the vibronic spectrum associated with the electronic X~2A′2 state. Using recently developed tensor network state methods, we are able to compute more than 2500 vibronic states, thereby increasing the number of computed full-dimensional states by a factor of 50, compared to previous work. While we obtain good agreement with experiment for most of the assigned vibronic levels, for several others, we observe striking disagreement. Further, for the antisymmetric bending motion we find remarkably large symmetry-induced level splittings that are larger than the zero-order reference. We discuss non-negligible nonadiabatic effects and show that the Born-Oppenheimer approximation leads to significant errors in the spectrum.